OEM Wheels & Their Construction

March 2nd, 2010

Ever wonder how those Factory Original Wheels of yours are built? OEM Alloy Rims are usually made in 1-3 pieces. To make it easy, here it is:

-A one piece wheel is made out of one piece of metal, usually Aluminum.
-A two piece rim includes two pieces.
Three piece wheels generally have three separate pieces that are bolted together.

Easy enough? Still wondering? Wanna know how they’re put together? No problem.

Forging is pretty much placing aluminum into the maximum amount of pressure that generates a strong but light factory wheel. Let’s look at the Plymouth Fury rims for example, most of their OEM wheels are forged!
Low Pressure Casting is when metal is liquified & poured into a  template, then removed when it is fresh enough to be taken out.
Counter Pressure Casting involves a vacuum. Cool, huh? The original format of the wheel has some type of gadget that sucks the metal into the template that makes the ending result much stronger than an original wheel that used low pressure casting.

I thought all aluminum OEM Alloy Wheels were the same; I guess that showed me. Wanna know more like I did? Like how the whole thing is held together so it doesn’t come off? It’s really not that hard.

Learning something new everyday,


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