Factory Used Wheel Terms

March 16th, 2010

Here are some terms you might want to familiarize yourself with before ordering your Factory Original 2005 Scion XA rims .. or whichever wheel you need : 

1. Backspacing: Distance from the inner edge of the wheel to the mounting pad.
2. Bridge: Segment of the space between spokes.
3. Centerline: Exact center of the Rim Width. 
4. Make: Brand name of the vehicle-like Honda, Porsche, or Volkswagen.
5. Model: The actual name of your vehicle (Passport, 911, Beetle).
    (You will not believe how many people get confused.. like me. So now I have no trouble when I order my Toyota 4Runner Wheels )
6. MSRP– Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.
7. Rim width: The measurement from front to back.
8. Rim diameter: The measurement from left to right on the front of the OEM Wheel.
9. Wheel weights: Weights that are used when the tire & rim need to be balanced. 
10. Valve Stem: A flap used to conserve air pressure of the tire. 

Pshh, I even learned some stuff.

Hope this helps (:


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