Factory Winter Used Wheels & Rims

April 7th, 2010

So in the world that we live in today, there are regular alloy wheels, steel wheels, & more. Wouldn’t you agree?  But did you know that there’s wheels that are specifically for winter? I bet you didn’t; but there is!

These winter wheels are especially designed to fit the winter tires more snugly… if you know what I’m talking about. Since winter tires are made to have better traction & a better grip on the road, Winter Wheels are specially designed to serve as like, an “assistant” to these tires.

Audi, Mercedes, & Porsche manufacture these specific types wheels. If you live in an area / city that happens to have temperature that’s below average most of the time during winter… then I highly suggest that you get these wheels and these tires.

You can browse through our Audi wheels , Mercedes rims , & Porsche rims selection to see which winter wheel you like best. (:

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