Factory Deep Dish Rims

May 6th, 2010

No, it’s not like your deep dish pizza. This actually goes on your car, not in your belly. Deep dish rims were meant for high performance tires & usually replace the OEM rims. The real reason for these rims is to just give an “enhanced performance” look; it really doesn’t do anything for the performance.

If you happen to buy these, you would have to get a licensed mechanic to install them because the brake disk and drums are customized to fit the rim. Some very important things that you should consider before purchasing are: installation, tires, repairs, & cost.

  • Installation: Are you going to be able to find some place where they can install it?
  • Tires: Do you have the right tires? Do you have to buy new ones?
  • Repairs: If something happens, do you know where to get it fixed?
  • Cost: Do you have enough money to buy them, maintain them, & fix them if they brake?

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