Original Wheel Hub Motors

May 5th, 2010

Take out the word “hub” & what do you get? wheel motors; & that’s exactly what it is. A separate motor that powers just your wheels. It may sound crazy, but I’ve seen it on Mini Cooper wheels.

Because of this technology, a lot of manufacturers are starting to realize that they no longer may need a transmission in their vehicles. Wheel hub motors run on a battery that can be recharged when it needs to be; so I guess you can say that they are more common on electrical cars like the Honda Insight.

Of course they are really expensive to maintain & let alone purchase, they can be very helpful. Let’s say you like to pretend you’re one of those NASCAR people that likes to go fast on highways where there are no cars, their wheel hub motors would be a big help; not that I’m encouraging to go fast all of the time…

Drive at the legal speed limit!


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