Cruise Control & your OEM Wheels

June 18th, 2010

If you travel a lot, then you must love the cruise control option on your car; right? I mean, your foot & ankle are obviously going to get tired pushing & letting go of the gas pedal, or is that just me?

I think if you use cruise control often, you would benefit from it more if you have OEM alloy wheels rather than factory original steel wheels. The reason for this is because – well, let’s say you have Aalloy 2003 Lincoln Aviator wheels, they are much lighter than steel wheels & give your car a more enhanced performance.

The only thing is that if you live in LA (like me) & you’re dealing with a lot of traffic on an everyday basis, then the cruise control option is becoming less & less useful; but thank goodness that some of the great vacation spots are just a few hours away when you drive… you know?

Off for my mini-vacation,


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