OEM Wheel Corrosion

June 12th, 2010

If your OEM steel wheels or factory original alloy rims have corroded before, then you know that it’s something that isn’t fun at all. Corrosion refers to a natural force that eats away at the metal. If you don’t check for it, then it can eventually eat deep enough for you to need a whole new set of either new or used wheels.

If you want to get all scientific & such, you should know that most common form of corrosion is caused by something called oxidation; which is when oxygen mixes in with the metal. Another way you can get your wheels “corroded” is to combine the metals with something other than oxygen… like gases, acids, or even salt.

The only real way you can prevent this from happening to your factory original 2000 GMC Safari wheels is to paint or coat your wheels with zinc, nickel, tin, chromium, or any other substance that is known to be corrosion-resistant; or simply just by buying aluminum with non-corroding metal.

Hope this helped (:


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