Three-Wheel Cars with Factory Original Rims!

June 14th, 2010

Have you ever seen three-wheel cars with OEM wheels? Me neither; that’s why I’m going to write about it.

So, according to some history that I’ve researched or you, three-wheeled vehicles have been around for quite a while; so long in fact that they were invented before any of us were born. If you just so happen to have a 15th Century Leonardo da Vinci sketch laying around, you can see that he drew a three-Wheeled car that was powered & pushed by something like a Wind-up device that kind of resembled a clock.

As all of us moved into the 20th century (the 1900s), more & more people were favoring three-wheeled Vehicles over the traditional 4-Wheeled ones because they didn’t cost as much & they were lightweight. It wasn’t until about the 1920s that everyone started favoring manufacturers like Ford & Chevy which had all four of their OEM Ford wheels & Factory Original Chevrolet rims.

Who knew, right?


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