Motorcycle Wheels

July 30th, 2010

Motorcycle wheels really are no different from your typical OE 2005 Mercury Mountaineer rims that come on the 2005 Mercury Mountaineer… obviously. They are usually made with steel spokes & an aluminum hub. Sometimes they even have like a magnesium-type cast material or a machined finish. At one point in time, motorcycles had wheels with spokes that were made of different material. If you happen to get a glimpse of performance racing motorcycles, you’ll see that they use carbon fiber wheels.

When the wire wheels are installed on a motorcycle, they usually have a central hub connected to the rim of the wheel. The spokes happen to be completely firm & cannot be easily bent even if you tried. Even though they may be on a motorcycle, they always live up to their “wire wheel” expectations.

How cool, huh?


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