Carbon Bronze Wheels? What The…?

October 4th, 2010

I know, right? But apparently, Honda has come out with this type of OEM rim. As claimed by Honda themselves, this new “innovation” was created to pass all of the automobile industry’s highest & toughest expectations.

But hold your horses there, if you plan to get these Honda rims, you may have to replace your tires & even swap those factory alloy wheels that first came on your car when you bought it. The OEM carbon bronze wheel includes:

-Width so it can meet the exact requirements of the car; therefore providing better handling for the driver.

-Consists of a clear-coat finish so the wheel won’t be that exposed to scratches-and is easier on the owner when it comes to actually cleaning it.

-For a smoother ride, they matched the offset & made the hub machined so it can harmonize with the vehicle suspension.

-They manufactured it so well that it lasts longer than regular wheel bearings, ordinary alloy wheels, and suspension joints.

I guess you can get these rims to replace your 2007 Honda S2000 wheels if you really want that handling on your car. These are only some of the commodities it includes. You know how we always pictured flying cars in the future? I guess you can say this is almost like it, don’t ya think?

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