The Famous Datsun & Factory Datsun Rims

November 8th, 2010

Originally, Datsun was named “DAT Motorcar Co.”. & was created in 1931. Two years later (in 1933), Nissan bought “DAT Motorcar Co.” & renamed it Datsun; after that, they started manufacturing OEM Datsun wheels. They changed the last part of the word to “sun” because “sonshitsu” means “loss” in Japanese.

Unfortunately, Nissan got rid of the Datsun brand & Factory Original Datsun 280ZX Rims in March of 1986. The Datsun brand was more famous for the sports cars they manufactured that were referred to as Fairlady roadsters and the Fairlady coupes.

Even though it became “extinct” a matter of years ago, when 2001 rolled around, Nissan marketed its D22 truck in Japan with the Datsun name on it. They only made this car & its OE Wheels from May 2001 – October 2002.

Enough information for you?