Buick Terraza Rims & The Terraza Van

March 4th, 2011

I think that the Buick Terraza rims and the Buick Terraza van is just a bigger version of any Buick model with OEM Buick rims on it, don’t you think so? This van was sold from the 2005-2007 model years. The Terraza and the OE Buick rims that went along with it were manufactured along Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Saturn models.

People think that the Terraza was Buick’s first van; but this isn’t true. They had a model called the GL8 and it was debuted in 2000 in China! It was solely marketed there and it’s still sold today.

This model Buick was the most luxurious and most expensive van in the GM line. It started out at around $28,000 here in the United States. It first came out with 2005 Buick Terraza rims on it and one type of engine on all models.

I prefer the other van models, but it’s up to you.(: