OEM Rims vs. Aftermarket

March 22nd, 2011

Here is the basic difference: OEM wheels have the original manufacturer’s stamp on it & the factory parts fit – like the center caps. Aftermarket parts are produced so they look exactly like they OEM parts, but are from another company & the original parts don’t fit on the aftermarket wheel.

Let’s say you have 2009 BMW M3 rims & you need an extra one because there was one that cracked “by accident.” There are a lot of wheels out there that look like the OE BMW rims… but they’re not. Since BMW is such a common wheel & they are known to “mess up”, of course there’s going to be other companies that want you to use their wheel instead of getting another one.

All of our stuff is factory original – including the BMW M3 rims – so you never have to worry about getting any aftermarket parts. You can either order it online, or just go ahead & give us a call so we can place that order for you(:

Off to do some shopping,