Acura RL & The Shiny Acura RL Rims

April 6th, 2011

Here in North America, it’s known as the Acura RL with OEM Acura rims on it – in Japan, it’s marketed as the Honda Legend. I think that most Acura’s here are Honda’s in Japan; wouldn’t you agree?

Fact: The acronym “RL” stands for “Road Luxury”.

When the first generation came out with OE Acura RL wheels installed, it was basically another version of the third-generation Honda Legend. It was first introduced here in North America in 1996 and was meant to replace the Acura Legend. Let me say that they did a pretty good job.

When it came out again in 2009, it was completely redesigned and had some attractive 2009 Acura RL rims on it.

Would you buy it?