Do Some Cleaning!

May 5th, 2011

Spring is here! This means that you can clean your house, your OE Cadillac rims, & your car. Are you ready?

  1. Wheels – You should pay close attention when it comes to cleaning your factory Cadillac rims. If you have steel wheels, remove the hubcaps & then wash them down. If you have the alloy Cadillac rims, wash them thoroughly & check the lug nuts while you’re at it to make sure that they’re on right.
  2. Replace The Wipers – If you had a harsh winter, then it may be time to replace the wipers.  Having wipers in good working order is necessary, especially during intense spring showers.
  3. Check Under The Hood – There may be some leaves and debris that have gotten under there during the winter. In most cases, just a simple wipe down should be good. If not, you may have to get it cleaned professionally.

What do you think?