First Generation Lexus GX

June 21st, 2011

The very first GX model was introduced in 2003 with OEM 2003 Lexus GX 470 rims on the car. It was released at the same time that it’s competitor was released: The Lincoln Aviator.

The GX had a welded steel body, an automatic transmission, and an enhanced permanent four-wheel drive with center locking Torsen differentials and factory new & used Lexus rims. The suspension had shared its layout with the Toyota 4 Runner.

The interior of the car had offered a place for up to eight passengers with three rows of seating – it even had enough leg room for those 8 people. Of course it had all the standard features on it; if you wanted all that extra stuff on it, you’d have to pay a little more.

Did you get the car when you had a chance?