History On BMW & BMW Wheels

June 22nd, 2011

Did you know that before BMW started to make OEM BMW wheels and different cars they used to make airplanes? When a guy named Karl Friedrich Rapp founded his own company to make planes, it ended pretty quickly because of the different problems that they were having. It wasn’t just problems when they were building the planes, people had problems when they were actually flying the planes.

The 1980s was when BMW hit it big. The company won the hardest race you can race when you’re on motorbikes. If they used their BMW 320i wheels on the bike to win the race, it would have been better because they would’ve won it with style! Don’t you agree?

1998 was the year when BMW introduced the E39 M5 at the Geneva Motor Show. Even though it had the Original BMW wheels on it, the car wasn’t built at the BMW M GmbH factory.

I guess that’s like a brief history… I’m sure you know the rest.