Seen Buick Rims In China?

June 22nd, 2011

I’ve never been to China… so I can’t really say that I’ve seen Buick rims there; but you may have. Since it’s under GM, and GM is the best selling brand in China, then Buick is one of the best selling vehicles over there. In 2006, the whole GM brand combined sold over 876,000 vehicles!

Can you imagine how many Buick Regal wheels were made and then sold?! So many!

Ever since 1999, there has been a Chinese version of the Regal and 2004 Buick Regal wheels sold in mainland China by Shanghai GM. Most of the Buicks in that market are made with the engines that get more gas per mile… which is I think something that we should adapt over here, have you seen the gas prices?!

By 2006, Buick debuted their Chinese version of the LaCrosse with OEM Buick wheels.

I just want the engine,