Volvo C30 Model Ranges & Volvo Rims

June 30th, 2011

We all know that the Volvo models & Volvo wheels that are sold here in North America are nice, right? Do you think they’re just as nice in Europe? Or are the cars that belong to Volvo nicer over there?

In late 2006, the Volvo C30 was released in Europe. There was an R-Design package available that offered aluminum inlays on the dashboard… so I guess it was fancy, almost as fancy as its price. There were R-Design emblems that came on the steering wheel, seats, and even the floor mats.

In Canada, the cars and Volvo rims went on sale in March 2007. In October 2007, it was released as a 2008 model here in the United States. If I ever had the chance to go to Europe or Canada, I would definitely do it. I don’t think I’d be too concerned about looking at the cars, but I’d definitely make an effort to look at them. What about you? What would you go look at?

Do you have the model?