“Darn Potholes!”

July 18th, 2011

Don’t you hate those potholes that mess up your Plymouth wheels when you’re in a rush? I have no idea about you but I cannot stand them.

A pothole is also called a chuckhole, it’s just a basic defect in the roadway that’s caused by different environmental factors – not to mention it damages your Plymouth rims so bad! The natural forces will eat away at the roadway which creates a series of cracks that your OEM Wheels have to go over.

As the cracks grow deeper and deeper, the chunks of different pavement material will begin to separate; they’re also pulled out by the different rims of passing vehicles. If it ever starts to surpass or overshadow the boundaries of the roadway, it’s then known as a sinkhole – the worst enemy when it comes to the wheels that come on your Plymouth.

Be safe!


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