BMW K – 1 & BMW Wheels

July 18th, 2011

I know it’s an old car, but since I love OE BMW wheels so much (especially the ones on my mom’s car), we’re gonna talk about their lovely motorcycles.

This motorcycle was manufactured from 1988-1993 & is considered to be “Sport Touring” class. It was meant to totally revolutionize the motorcycle industry & media. It’s based off of the BMW K100 & was designed to give you comfort even when you’re going 150 MPH .. but who wants to go that fast? It has a seven-piece glass fibre edifice & was combined with a stiffened chassis.

To be completely honest, the reason why it had such a short manufacturing period was because it was kind of expensive, produced a lot of excess heat, & kind of messed up the reputation for all future BMW motorcycle models.

If you have one, you’re a trooper; if you’re one who thought of buying it but never did, give yourself a pat on the back. If you look on the bright side, all of the factory original BMW rims for most of the models are pretty nice (:

Sorry to burst your bubble, 


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