Custom Wheels & OEM Rims?

July 15th, 2011

I think there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to custom wheels – even for me, & I’ve been working here for about two years. Let me explain.

Custom wheels are made to replace painted steel with chrome-plated steel or polished aluminum – like the steel OE Scion wheels that come on your car. Both types of these wheels give the driver a durable & decorative alternative to stock wheels. Alloy wheels are there to offer less weight than a chrome-plated steel wheel but require a lot of maintenance to ensure that the clear coating protecting the aluminum is not damaged by corrosive brake dust or road side debris.

The chrome-plated wheels are way easier to maintain than the alloy wheels, but they’re more prone to rust and pitting in areas that place salt on the roads in winter. I think it’s easier if you just get the OEM Scion rims… but that’s just me.

Which wheels are you going to choose?