Difference Between Rims & Wheels?

July 25th, 2011

I think that most people get confused between “rims” & “wheels”. When I first started working here, I would ask: “What’s the difference between the Cadillac wheels & the Cadillac rims?! How do I know which original Cadillac DTS wheels the customer needs?! What do I do?!”

Yes, I was a bit dramatic, but thankfully they got over it.

The thing with OE wheels & rims is that they have the same function, they go on the same part of every car, they’re usually made of the same materials (depending if you have alloy wheels or steel wheels), and they both look really nice when they’re clean… especially the Cadillac DTS rims .

So I guess you can say that they’re the same thing… just with different names. I say “potayto,” you say “potahto.”

You know?


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