Do You Have A Vehicle Maintenance Log?

July 27th, 2011

Do you know what a maintenance log is? If not, here’s the definition: it’s a type of journal that you keep where you write down every single thing that you’ve done to your car. Say you got your factory original Audi rims cleaned or something, you’d write that down. If you got your transmission looked at, you’d write that down as well.

Each entry that you make will include the date, mileage as of that day, details about the type of work done, and who performed the service – so if there’s something odd about your OE wheels when you got your car back, you’ll know who to blame.

One of the main reasons to keep your log is not to see how often you polished your OEM Audi wheels (even though that may be a good idea), but to show that you have kept your promise to the lease contract by doing your best & keeping up with standard maintenance on the vehicle at, or prior to, the manufacturer’s suggested time intervals… if you have a lease.

When you get your wheels from, you’ll know for a fact that the wheels you buy are going to be in the best possible condition.

Start keeping one of these!


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