Have You Been To A Full Service Gas Station?

July 14th, 2011

If you live here in California, then you most likely haven’t been to one. A full service gas station includes someone pumping your gas, checking your oil, and even cleaning your wheels sometimes. Cool, right?

The full service gas station used to be pretty normal in every state. The only reason why they don’t have it anymore is because they wanted to save money and most people working at these stations didn’t want to make a career out of polishing OE Chevrolet Equinox rims and pumping gas. Since there is no longer an attendant required to pump your gas, your gas is somewhat cheaper.

I mean, I think it’s cool that an attendant will pump your gas, clean your windows, polish your OEM Chevrolet Equinox rims and everything… but it just seems like it’d be weird after a while.

Don’t you think?