Helpful Cleaning Tips For Your Nissan Rims

July 1st, 2011

Here are some tips that you can use to help you clean your Nissan wheels, and any wheel really:

1. Always clean your wheels after you’ve cleaned the rest of your car. If you clean them before, the dirt from the car is going to fall right back on them.

2. There’s some cleaners for factory wheels that can actually mess up the wheel. To avoid something like this, make sure you read the directions.

3. Don’t use the same toothbrush to clean your Nissan rims & tires. Since tire brushes tend to have stiff bristles, this can seriously scratch the original rims.

4. Think about investing in some sort of special wax for your factory rims. The wax can be applied just like car wax, and it provides a barrier between your rims and the dirt of the road.

Did you write these down?