Hot Rod Kits

July 22nd, 2011

What if you had some OEM Ford wheels with a full-on hot rod kit that would let you build one from the ground up? Wouldn’t that be pretty intense?

A hot rod kit will include the original Ford rims that you need, the body, the engine, and some other body parts. There are more than enough hot rod kits that are available for a bunch of different types of builds if you decide to build something other than a Ford car. A person has the option of buying just a body kit, just an engine kit, just an interior kit, or a kit that includes all of these components and more – including the wheels that go on the car & the parts that you need to complete the look.

Most of the kits that you buy will vary according to the model of hot rod that you plan on building. If you’re ever missing the wheels from the kit, you can always give us a call & we’ll sell them to you with a smile on our face (:

What hot rod are you building? 


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