Lexus GS Models

July 22nd, 2011

Do you have a Lexus GS with Factory Lexus rims on it? I’m sure you do! The Lexus GS & the rims on it are part of a series of mid-size luxury sports sedans and executive cars that has been sold by Lexus since about 1993.

It was mainly designed to fill the gap between the ES and LS and to also supply Lexus with a performance sedan to compete in the mid-luxury class. I would say “Mission Accomplished.”

The second generation GS had made its debut in 1998 with OEM Lexus wheels on it. It had a new platform and even added a V8 version for the first time outside of Japan. The current generation – the third generation – comes in both V6, V8, and hybrid versions. It’s also the very first model to feature Lexus’ own L-finesse styling upon its introduction.

No matter what style it is, is going to have the factory OE Wheels that you need for your Lexus; and I promise, they’re always going to be original.

… Whatever that is,


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