Measure Backspace on your Ford Rims!

July 28th, 2011

Have you always wanted to know the backspace of your Ford rims like I have? No worries, here are the tools that you need to figure it out on those OE wheels that you have on your car.

The things you’re gonna need are a tape measure, a straight edge, and one of your original rims – preferably without the tire. The easiest way to do this is to first lay the wheel face down onto a flat surface; this way, you have the backside of the wheel facing up.

What you’re going to do next is take the straight edge and lay it diagonally across the inboard flange part of the wheel. Next, take the tape measure and measure the distance from where the straight edge makes contact with the inboard flange to the hub mounting pad of one of your Ford wheels.  The measurement that you end up with is the backspace.  After you’ve found the backspace all on your own, you can go ahead and call so you can order the right set of original wheels with our friendly staff.



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