Offset For Your Wheels

July 27th, 2011

Here’s what the definition of offset is: the distance from the wheel’s hub-mounting surface to the centerline of the rim. The offset is measured in millimeters and will be one of three types:

  • Zero Offset – The hub mounting surface of your Factory Audi A8 wheels is even to the centerline of the wheel.
  • Positive Offset – This is where the hub mounting surface is either towards the front wheel or towards the side of your rims. The positive offset wheels -like the original Audi A8 rims – are usually found on front wheel drive cars and newer rear drive cars.
  • Negative Offset – The hub mounting surface is found towards the back of the wheels or where the brake side of the wheels centerline.

The offset is listed for some of the wheels that you see on Next to the offset, you’ll notice the price that we sell them for is WAY cheaper than the prices that the dealerships have. Just saying.

Get it?


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