Power To Steer Your Wheels?

July 21st, 2011

Do you ever wonder how you get so much power to steer your Honda wheels left & right? Well there’s something called “Power Steering” that is there to aid the driver to steer the wheels on their vehicle. In most cars, the mechanism will rely on a hydraulic system to help in turning the wheels.

As of now, power steering is considered to be a pretty standard feature in almost all cars and trucks.

There are usually 2 types of steering systems for your OEM Honda rims & tires: rack-and-pinion system and the recirculating ball system. The rack-and-pinion is the one that’s found in most cars and the recirculating ball is the one that was first on vehicles until they decided to improve it. We have the different Honda wheels that fit both of those steering systems for your Honda! PLUS, they’re always factory original (: Don’t forget to call us!

Do you have power steering?


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