Rolling Chassis

July 22nd, 2011

This is a car that has no engine, no transmission, or anything! The only real thing that it has is tires and a set of Factory Mazda wheels so it can roll. It can have any type of wheels on it, but I just like the wheels that come on different Mazda’s – hopefully you do, too.

The entire rolling chassis can either include a body and an interior or a bare chassis with any stage in between. These cars and original¬†Mazda rims are usually used when people are selling or buying race cars and hot rods. The cool thing about buying a rolling chassis is that the person who buys it has the choice of putting whatever he or she wants on it. If they want to put chrome wheels on it, then by all means… it can be done!

In some cases, someone will buy a rolling chassis without a body… but who really wants to do that? Whatever you decide to do, will support you by selling you the best possible OE wheels possible for the car that you have.

Do you have a rolling chassis?


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