The “Crave” & Honda CR-V Wheels

July 14th, 2011

Have you seen those commercials where it starts out as “CR-V” and then the “-” turns into an “A” & there’s an “E” added to the end? I think we all have; if not, then it’s clear that I watch too much tv.

The CR-V & the OEM Honda CR-V wheels are categorized as a compact crossover SUV. The car & the wheels that go on it have been manufactured since about 1995. It was pretty much obtained from the Civic because they wanted to appeal to the consumers who wanted an SUV with the same qualities as a compact car.

Ever since it had first come out, they had been making the car in Japan and in the United Kingdom. When 2007 approached, they decided to start making the cars in East Liberty, Ohio – that place must be packed with different original Honda CR-V rims… don’t ya think?

Do you live in Ohio?