What’s The Difference Between Replica & OEM Rims?

July 26th, 2011

This is easy; have you seen how nice the factory original Lexus rims are? What about the factory rims that come on the Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.07.26 PMIS350? These are OEM rims and they’re really nice, right?

Replica rims are usually copies of chrome rims – like the chrome rims that come on different Lexus models – that are made from another less expensive material. They can be made out of highly polished steel, aluminum, or even a composite material. Since they want to mimic the chrome rims as best as they can, the metal that they use have to have a high degree of luster and shine.

I think that replica rims are the things that you go with if you don’t have enough money for the OEM Lexus wheels. My best suggestion is to save up the money for the factory ones because the replicas aren’t as strong as the original ones. When you feel you’ve saved enough, don’t forget to call OriginalWheels.com so that way, we can give you the best deal on OE wheels for whatever car that you have (:

…But that’s just my opinion, 


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