Wheel Lug Patterns & Jaguar Rims

August 10th, 2011

The most common Wheel Lug Pattern for all wheels – including Jaguar wheels – is the four and five bolt pattern. If you look at the Jaguar XK wheels on our site, then you’d see that the 2008 Jaguar XK wheels all have 5 lugs!

What a coincidence, right?

Because this is the most common pattern for all wheel manufacturers, it has made for the mass production of universal wheels prevalent in the market place. There are different wheels that you can get with wider bolt patterns… you just have to special order them. This is one of the main reasons why OE Jaguar rims are so easy to order: everything is already set!

If you have either a heavy duty truck or an off-road one, you’ll have more lugs on your OEM wheels… but this is completely normal. Whatever OEM Wheels that you need for your car, visit OriginalWheels.com & check out how great our prices are (;

How many lugs are on yours?


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