Your Lexus IS Model & The Lexus Wheels

August 11th, 2011

These cars & Lexus wheels are nice – wouldn’t you agree? The IS models are part of the second generation Lexus IS line of compact executive cars and sport sedans.

Lexus began selling the car and the Lexus IS-F wheels in 2008, but the IS models have been sold since about 2005. This Lexus line of vehicles consists of multiple V6 gasoline-powered models – you can buy it in either a four-door sedan or a two-door convertible! There are some additional sedan models that will include inline-four diesel powertrains and an F marque version… sounds fancy.

When the second generation came out, it was only available as a sedan until the two-door convertible was released with Original Lexus rims on it. Lucky for you, sells those OE Lexus wheels that you need for whichever Lexus you have! Aren’t you glad you read our blog?

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