Wheel Care for the Winter

December 3rd, 2013

Winter can be one of the harshest times of the year for your wheels. If you live in a temperate climate you may not have very many issues with corrosion on your rims, but if you live somewhere that snows it can be very important to take good care of your wheels. Many places with snow use chemicals and salts to keep the roads safe. Although this may keep the road safer to drive on, it can destroy your rims. Use the following steps to help keep your rims in top condition.

Steps to Save Your Wheels in Winter:

  • Use basic steel or simple painted alloy wheels during winter if possible.
  • Avoid using chrome dipped alloy wheels in the winter at all.
  • Clean your rims regularly.
  • Use an automotive or wheel wax to protect the finish.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners that may leave scratches in the protective coat.
  • Wheels with scratches or damage to the finish will begin corroding and peeling further, repair any cosmetic damages prior to winter.

The most important wheel care tip will always be proper cleaning, which will always make rims last longer, but the best thing you can do to protect your nice alloy wheels during the winter is to keep a separate set of wheels just for the winter.


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