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Information On Factory Kia Sephia Rims and Wheels

In 1992 Kia began production of its compact car, the Sephia (SEPHIA supposedly an acronym for Style, Elegant, Powerful, High tech, Ideal, and Auto), in order to replace the recently discontinued Kia Capital. A front wheel drive car with a front placed engine that was only ever an inline four cylinder engine (all gasoline) ranging from 1.5L to 2.0L, the Sephia was available as either a four door sedan or five door hatchback. In 2001 the Sephia was renamed the Spectra for several markets (most notably the U.S.) during a facelift change; it took several more years to phase the name out completely making the distinction between the Sephia's end and the Spectra's beginning a blurry (and perhaps imaginary) line.

Rims for the Sephia have been exclusively 13" and 14" and has only offered two steel rims; a 13" steel wheel finished in black or silver with 12 holes, along with a 14" steel rim with 10 holes finished in black or silver as well. there remaining rims were either machined or silver finished and had 5, 24, or 7 spokes.

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