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Information On Factory Oldsmobile Ciera Rims and Wheels

In 1982 Oldsmobile began production of the Ciera, also known as part of Oldsmobiles Cutlass submarque (that also housed Oldsmobile's Cutlass Calais and Cutlass Supreme and Cutlass Cruiser) as the Cutlass Ciera with Cutlass being a popular trim level/nomenclature assigned as the highest trim level. The Ciera was a midsize car available as a two door coupe as well as four door sedan or four door station wagon that was powered by a line of engines ranging from a 2.2L straight four cylinder to a 3.8L V6 engine and even offered a diesel variant in the form of a 4.3L V6 all of which were coupled with an automatic transmission. A very popular car, the Ciera was in production for 14 years until its eventual discontinuation in 1996.

Rims on the Ciera were exclusively 14" and included two alloy wheels with either a diamond spoke pattern or 20 spokes, both with machined finish. There were two steel rims with painted finish with 5 or 14 vent holes.

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