Facts About the Scion TC & The Original Scion TC Rims

I remember when I was a sophomore in high school, my best friend at the time turned sixteen and she got a Scion TC with OEM Scion TC Rims on it. She didn’t even have her permit to drive yet! It’s not that I was jealous, I was just being realistic ..

Anyway, the Scion TC & the Scion TC Wheels are sold by Scion, which is a division that Toyota has. It was first introduced to the United States in June of 2004 and then introduced to Canada in 2010 - which was this year. The Scion TC is known to be the successor of the original Toyota Celica - whose manufacturing ended in 2005. They named it “TC” because Volvo already used the name “XC”, even though Scion has models that are all named with the letter “x”. If you were to ask Scion, they’d say that “TC” stands for “Touring Coupe”. If you were to ask me, I’d say they said this because that was the first thing that came to their head.

Toyota had debuted the Scion tC & the OEM 2005 Scion TC Rims at the 2004 NAIAS. Their sales began in June 2004 for the 2005 TC model. The Scion TC was originally designed to be attractive to the Millennial market. Toyota wanted to do this by making the principle standards numerous and the optional features super easy to add if the customer wanted them. The TC has the same framework as the Toyota Avensis and uses a MacPherson strut front & double wishbone rear suspension. Since it’s such a low price, that’s one of the major features that appeals to consumers.

The standard equipment car included power windows, AC, cruise control, mirror-mounted turn signal lights, & the fabulous 17” OE Scion TC Wheels .

There was something called a “Spec Package” that was available, but didn’t have a lot of the standard accessories. This package had Factory Original Scion TC Rims - but they were steel rims with the seven-spoke hubcaps on them. There’s no sun - roof and the steering wheel in the car is made up of urethane instead of the wrapped leather; the steering wheel doesn’t even have the controls for the radio! There’s no cruise control and there are other minor changes in the interior & the exterior of the vehicle. If you have this car, then you know that when you bought it, it was only offered in four colors : Super White, Flint Mica, Black Sand Pearl, or Classic Silver Metallic. Either way, the Factory Scion TC Wheels would look good on any one of these colors; don’t you think? After the 2009 model year, the “Spec Package” was discontinued.

At the beginning of 2006, there was a factory service bulletin that was issued for certain 2005 & 2006 models because there was a possibility that the glass wind deflector that was installed might be shattered by road debris. Later that year, there was another service bulletin issued for an approximate 29,542 2005 & 2006 TC models because the side airbags could’ve deployed by just slamming your door too hard. There’s no real major recall that Scion has had to do; so let’s hope that they don’t have one of those.

Even if the Scion TC with the Scion Rims aren’t for you, you have to admit that Toyota did a good job producing this car. I mean, it seems as if the regular Toyota’s are more for a family & the Scion’s are for their teenage kids or something. Don’t you agree?

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