Acura Wheels & Acura Rims

October 11th, 2007

Over the years Acura has made 13 models of cars with many different types of wheels, including the CL, EL, Integra, Legend, MDX, NSX, RL, RSX, RDX, SLX, TL, TSX and the Vigor. Acura has phased out all models except the MDX, RL, RSX, RDX, TL and the TSX, leaving us these 6 models in the great line up of automobiles to choose from. The older, phased out models like the Integra and Vigor came from the factory stock with steel wheels and wheel covers along with an added extra for the OEM factory aluminum alloy Acura rims. Some Acura vehicles have factory original wheels that are a chrome finish instead of the natural aluminum alloy finish. For the most part, these rims were sent out at some point along the way to be chrome dipped and an after market center cap was placed over the hub area to match the new chrome finish. If you prefer this type of chrome luster, it is truly far better to have the original Acura Rims dipped in chrome than to go out and buy some generic after market wheels that may involve problems for you in the future. Remember to look for chrome shops that specialize in wheels and rims only as this is their expertise.

Each year, the wheel and rim design team at Acura continues to come up with great new looks for all the models for us to enjoy. It is often the wheel style that catches our eyes when looking for a new car to drive. The future for strong car sales will truly be in the hands of those that can design the best-looking wheels and rims to turn the heads of us who are in need, and the Acura team seems to have an upper hand in this area.

Enjoy the ride


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