OEM Wheel Finishes

February 24th, 2010

Alloy Wheel Finishes for your Used Wheels, OEM Rims, & OEM Wheels
Within the last few years, alloy wheels have become more common than steel rims.  Alloy rims used to be considered standard equipment only on expensive luxury cars or sports cars,  but  are now being offered as a regular option on cars like the Saab 9-7X , Honda Prelude , and pretty much all standard vehicles.  Compared to steel wheels, alloy rims make driving performance better and enhances the cosmetic look.

OEM Rims come in several different finishes, such as

1. Painted

2. Polished

3. Machined/Brushed Aluminum

4. Chrome

“Painted” is the most common finish for OEM Wheels.  Painted alloy wheels can be any color, but are usually silver, black, white, or gray. Another frequently used finish is  “Machined or Brushed Aluminum”.  You can easily recognize a machined alloy rim by the thin lines that are cut into the aluminum surface, similar to a CD.  The strongest and most long-lasting finish on alloy wheels is “Chrome”.  Chrome alloy rims have a mirror-like reflection which make them noticeable.  Even though they’re the most expensive alloy wheel, they’re still very popular.  One of the hardest finishes to identify is “Polished”.   because of its similar look to chrome, but polished alloy rims won’t have a reflection when viewed in the bright sunlight.

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