Factory Original Staggered Used Wheels?

March 2nd, 2010

If you don’t know what staggered wheels are, then you probably don’t have them on your car; which is perfectly fine. It’s basically where the rear factory wheels are wider than the ones that are in the front. The cars that do have have this option are ordinarily more powerful than your typical car you see on the street everyday.

These OEM staggered wheels are often seen on Muscle Cars today or “back in the day”. Like if you look at the Ford GT rims, you’ll notice that they’re not only machined, but the rims on the back are bigger than the ones on the front. The bigger the wheel in the rear, the easier it is to apply power to the car. When the wheels in the front are smaller, it typically makes it easier for the driver to steer because it becomes lighter & more responsive.

If your car isn’t meant to have rear wheels much bigger than the front ones, then you most likely don’t wanna mess with it-even though it looks extraordinarily nice. The only reason for this is because it might cause understeer (when the front tires are being pushed & overthrown by the rear tires).

Doesn’t this wanna make you get a “Muscle Car”? Don’t lie, you know it does (:

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