What’s Backspacing on my OE Used Rims ?

March 18th, 2010

Backspacing is the space from the inside edge of the wheel to the mounting pad. Still confused? Me too.

Let’s try a different way of putting it. Okay; so backspacing is the distance from the face that the wheel bolts are on, to the inside lip of the wheel. Get it now? Good. Wanna measure it? It’s so easy, trust me. I was surprised that even I can do it.

Let’s say I want to determine the backspacing on one of my Volkswagen Rabbit wheels, all I need to do is:

1. Lay it on a flat surface with the front part down.
2. Get a ruler or a tape measure & calculate the space from the middle to the edge.

And that’s it (:

You can either use a tape measure or a ruler; whatever you have laying around. If you’re planning on ordering a wheel from OriginalWheels.com ; you might want to be sure of the measure. If you’re positive that you’re not going to need it, then don’t worry about it. It’s just an FYI (:

Drive safely!


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