What happens when I get a Spare Wheel?

March 8th, 2010

So you’re on your spare wheel, huh? What happened to your regular one? Hmm, well here are some tips on how you should handle & drive on that Compact Spare Wheel.

1. Drive slowly.. since the spare is much smaller, it’s not used to handling as much weight & cannot go faster than 45 MPH without flying off of your car. 
2. Don’t pretend you’re a NASCAR driver & go fast on the sharp curves. Why? Read #1.
3. Try not to carry any weight on your car; the spare can’t handle the weight shifting left & right, or up & down, or however you carry your belongings. 
4. Get a “normal” wheel ASAP.
5. If you have traction control on that lovely vehicle of yours, disarm it while using the spare. 

Compact Spares come for all types of wheels like the Chevrolet Astro Van rims , Kia Spectra wheels , & many other types of models & makes. So before you start throwing a fit & thinking you can’t get from point A to point B with a spare, check out OriginalWheels.com to see if we have that factory wheel to replace that spare you’re driving on. 

Hope you find it,


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