Wheel Clamps on your OEM Rims

April 27th, 2010

If you’ve parked illegally or have parked in an unauthorized area before, then I’m pretty sure you know what a wheel clamp is; it’s awful that you learned the hard way, but oh well.

A wheel clamp is used to prevent a vehicle from moving. Period. There are many different versions of this marvelous device: there’s a regular wheel clamp, a PitBull Tire Lock, & a really big one that honestly has no official name; everyone in the United Kingdom just calls it a “Wheel Clamp”. Regardless of the names, if you happen to see this on your vehicle, try not to be so filled with excitement.

Officers who install this on your vehicle have no mercy for your brand new factory original 2009 Mini Cooper rims; even if they’re super expensive chrome wheels, or regular machined ones. I won’t judge you about how you got this on your car, but let’s try to be more careful; shall we?

Be safe!



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