Land Rover Freelander & Land Rover Freelander Wheels

November 13th, 2010

We all know that Land Rovers & the original Land Rover rims are nice cars; the owner of has one! The Land Rover Freelander & the Land Rover Freelander wheels are made by the Jaguar Land Rover business. You can find the current generation sold here in North America as the LR2 & the Freelander 2 in Europe. It doesn’t necessarily have the same frame as your typical SUV, & I guess why people like it so much.

If you look at the 2004 Rover Freelander rims, you’ll see that some of them have that unique 3 spoke design; & I guess that’s what makes the wheels & even the car so unique. The newest Freelander has a higher ground clearance & even has off-road capabilities that are more similar to some other Land Rover models.

Either way, the Land Rover wheels are always going to be nice… don’t you agree?

Have a good day,