Freestar Van With Factory Ford Freestar Wheels

April 5th, 2011

When I hear a name like “Freestar” for a van, I think that it makes it sound like a hippie van with OEM Ford wheels on it or something. It was made by Ford from 2004 to November 2006; so it had 2007 Ford Freestar wheels when the last model came out.

The van was meant to replace the Windstar model for the 2004 model year. They changed the name of the van because it fit in with Ford’s strategy to rename all their cars to words beginning in F. The van with the Ford Freestar can fit up to 7 people comfortably and has an electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission that’s part of the van’s standard equipment.

People had the option of buying it as either a Base Model, SE Model, Sport Model, SEL Model, and a Limited Model – all with factory Ford Freestar wheels.

Which model would you choose?