“Delusions of Grandeur” – Hyundai Azera Wheels

May 27th, 2011

I guess they changed the name to the Grandeur, but we’re going to refer to it as the Azera with the OE Hyundai Azera wheels – okay? I’m sure the Grandeur has factory Hyundai wheels on it, too… but I want to refer to it as the Azera.

I hope you’re okay with that.

It’s considered a full-size/mid-size sedan that’s manufactured & marketed globally by Hyundai – this has been going on since 1986. It was originally a Mitsubishi design, but it’s evolved through about four generations and you can tell just by looking at the 2008 Hyundai Azera wheels.

As the Azera, the car was considered the “flagship” model of Hyundai within the U.S…. until the Genesis & Equus sedans made their presence known.

Why do manufacturers change the names of the cars?!