BMW M Models With OEM BMW Rims

June 22nd, 2011

All of the BMW M models are based off the 3 Series. The BMW M6 rims are a bit nicer than the BMW rims that come on the 3 Series… but the frame is the same nonetheless.

The car was designed so it can define a completely new market that BMW was trying to go for. The M models are trying to accomplish one thing: being a race-ready production vehicle. Ever since it came out, the car was announced all over the place. Why? Because it had such a different and unique design to it; it even had the best engines in the market… not to mention eye-catching BMW rims that were shining all over the place.

The M6 model with OEM 2008 BMW M6 rims on it is the division’s version of the 6 series – it even shares the same drivetrain with the M5.

Crazy how much cars are alike when you really study them,